Group Riding

The OKC HOG Chapter conducts group rides for the benefit of its chapter members. The Riding Guide  contains information that each member is expected to know and observe so that everyone can participate to Ride Safe and Have Fun.

All members are invited to attend all rides. The Chapter expects all riders to ride safely and ride within their experience and comfort level at all times.


Each rider is expected to observe and practice the following rules and procedures when participating in a group ride with the Chapter.

You are responsible for making sure you and your bike are ready and safe for the ride.

Check yourself

Make sure you are alert, feeling well, and appropriately dressed. Any Chapter member operating a motorcycle in a Chapter ride must be properly licensed and insured to operate a motorcycle.

Check your Motorcycle and Equipment

Check your tire pressure, oil level, turn signals, and lights. Any motorcycle used in a Chapter ride, event or other activity must be properly licensed, inspected and insured.

Fill Your Gas Tank

All members are to begin the ride with a full tank of gas. All rides are planned with ample gas stops considering the smallest tank in the group and that everyone starts with a full tank.

Make Sure You Arrive for the Ride on Time

Not only is it fun to socialize prior to the ride, the Road Captain will make any announcements and give the pre-ride and route briefings during this time. These briefings normally will be conducted at least 5-10 minutes before the ride departs.